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Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Goodreads Review

As I'm mentioning all the great reviews Love Notes and Lovers In Law are getting, I feel I also ought to tell you when people aren't so pleased by my books.

Love Notes had just had a 2* review on Goodreads. "I'm sorry but this book wasn't for me, though I really enjoyed the first third of it."

Although it wasn't a rave review, I'm still really grateful that someone bought Love Notes, read it and went to the trouble of giving an honest opinion. Often I've disliked books other people have adored and loved some that no one else will read. 

Reading is a matter of taste and it's impossible to argue with a reasoned critique.  If you've read it and want to share your own opinion, join me at my Facebook author page right here.

Happy reading - Avis xx

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