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Friday, 21 September 2012

The party's finally over....

You know how your house feels the day after a fabulous party?   Well that’s how London feels at the moment.   We’ve been partying since the Royal Wedding last year, right through the Jubilee, the Olympics and into the Paralympics.   But, like any good party, it sadly had to end, and all of our lovely friends have gone home now.

The eyes of the world have been upon London for the past fifteen months and we’re so proud of the show we’ve put on.   It’s brought Londoners together, made Britain proud of its heritage, and united sports fans and athletes across the world.   We’ve laughed, cried, often celebrated too hard, and have made lots of new friends.   Let’s hope they come back and see us all again soon.

However, as the dust settles and the city’s heartbeat returns to normal, it’s lovely to have London to ourselves again.   Today’s the day for putting on a warm jumper and taking a walk along the south bank of the Thames from the Millennium Bridge to Westminster.   Here you’ll see old and new London – the Shard and Globe Theatre; the London Eye and Big Ben; the slow moving Thames and fast paced traffic.   Plenty to inspire my next novel set in Britain and my mind’s already brimming over with new characters, scenes, storylines and romance.   I can’t wait to start writing.

Hope to see you there soon.   Avis xx

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