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Saturday, 6 October 2012

The real pirates don't look like Johnny Depp

I'm sad to say my books have been pirated.  Someone posted a reward, asking for a copies and, within a day, they'd been copied and linked to on a download site.

Piracy's a huge business and it's the pirates, not the authors who make money from it.  I'm proud of my books and think I've produced two high quality, highly readable novels that readers have so far enjoyed.  It's just sad that someone thinks they have a right to reproduce and circulate them without my permission and without me deriving any benefit.  The same goes for any original work that's taken - whether it's music, images or the written word.  Unless you're paying the creator, someone's getting rich when they don't deserve to

I'm being very zen about it and consoling myself with the idea that pirates only bother to copy the really good books. But it doesn't hurt to remind everyone that self published authors will usually only make themselves available on large, trusted sites like Amazon and Smashwords. If you're about to download a book for free, quickly Google it to see whether it is, in reality, a paid product that someone's stolen.   It wouldn't hurt to drop the author an email to alert them too.   Getting something for nothing is often irresistible but if authors aren't paid to work, they stop producing the books you love to read.

All I can hope for is that my steamy hot romances melt the insides of any e-reader holding an illegal download.   Avis xx

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