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Friday, 11 January 2013

London's returning to normal

The Christmas trees are down, the January sales are all but over and it's possible to walk down Oxford St again without taking your life in your hands.

On a cold, January day, there's nothing nicer than strolling around London's streets, finding all the nooks and crannies off the usual tourist trail and taking time to really look at the buildings I usually hurtle past.

Today's picture is of the front of St Pancras station and, as I paused to take the photo, it occurred to me that it could be the starting point for so many romances.  

Firstly it's the home of the Eurostar train which heads through the Channel Tunnel on its way to Paris, possibly the most romantic city on earth (after London, of course).   The concourse is a great place to sit with a coffee and people-watch, imaging all kinds of stories as travellers say hello and goodbye.   At the beginning of the day there's the rush of people heading to work.   One could be a potential hero, possibly a dynamic businessman on the way to clinch a mega-deal and about to get more than he bargained for.   Or an unwritten heroine off to meet her new boss, unaware that sparks are going to fly.

Next door to the station stands the newly-refurbished St Pancras hotel with its mix of Victorian splendour and new boutique chic.   Its busy bar leads directly onto the station and is the perfect place for a chance meeting, or a snatched conversation, or a mobile phone that's left behind and sends our hero on a quest to find its owner.   The elegant reception area presents a hundred other possibilities and the rooms upstairs could be the venue for sleepless nights, romantic trysts or hot love scenes.

For all we know, there could be two people on the pavement in front of it right now - a handsome man rushing to a business meeting and a beautiful woman on her way to meet a friend - who are both about to hail the cab in the front of the photo.   Their hands go up at the same time, the taxi pulls into the kerb next to them, their eyes meet, the argument begins and the rest, as they say, is romance.

Here's hoping you find inspiration everywhere you look.  Love Avis xxx


  1. Great post, Avis. I could do with some inspiration right now so this was well timed!

  2. Nice 1 Avis, its been awhile since ive been to London, so its nice to hear about it, good pic, i think it would make a good meet place too