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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Last minute Mothers' Day present

Do you need a last minute Mothers' Day present?   What could be better than some hot romance to perk up her day?   A lot less calories than chocolate and a great deal more fun!

Erika Fenn fled England to escape a broken heart and found worldwide fame as a singer-songwriter.   Five years later, exhausted and on the verge of losing her voice, she’s back in Britain.   And the last person she wants to see is Aiden Thirstan, the man who broke her heart in the first place.

Not only did Aiden wreck her past but her future’s under threat now too.   The question is, does Erika trust Aiden enough to let him help her?   And if she does, can she trust herself not to fall in love with him all over again?

When London solicitor, Allie Lawless, is sent to help barrister Radford Byrne prepare a huge court case, it’s lust at first sight.   Radford’s gorgeous.   Melt your bones with his big, blue eyes gorgeous.   A brooding, mean and moody, beast between the sheets type of man.   Allie is Radford’s favourite kind of sexy: tall and curvy with glistening red lipstick – the type that leaves kiss marks on a man’s chest he never wants to wash off.   With sparks flying from the moment they meet, how will they ever keep their relationship strictly professional?

To make these stories even more exciting, they have their own Tumblr and Pinterest pages, with pictures of the novels' iconic locations and story extracts.  Share the romance by finding out more about the books' settings and visiting the places the characters live, work and fall in love.

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